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      Universität des Saarlandes:  Startseite

      100% akkreditierte Studiengänge, exzellente Forschung, eine prämierte Gründungskultur & ein internationaler Campus – dafür steht die Saar-Uni!

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      atmos 2011: 11th workshop on algorithmic approaches for transportation modelling, optimization, and systems

      atmos 2011 home page

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      saarland university | department of computer science: home


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      ETAPS 2013

      European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS Central Web Site

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      geno2pheno coreceptor

      Geno2pheno [coreceptor] 2.5

    • 7
      noxclass - an svm classifier identifying protein-protein interaction types

      NOXclass An SVM Classifier Identifying Protein-Protein Interaction Types An SVM Classifier Identifying Protein-Protein Interaction Types

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      Resource for Computer Graphics - Ke-Sen Huang's Home Page

      ke-sen huang's home page

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      301 moved permanently

      world's first electronic forums dedicated to promoting the future of martial arts.

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      Stanford University

      Stanford University is one of the world's leading research and teaching institutions. It is located in Stanford, California.

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      Instituto Stela

      Joomla! - O sistema din�mico de portais e gerenciador de conte�do

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      mpc-vcc | mpc-vcc

      Home About the Max Planck Center

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      3d microstructure meeting - the conference

      3d microstructure meeting, saarbrücken, germany, november 2nd – 4th, 2011

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      graduate school: home

      Welcome to the Saarbrücken Graduate School of Computer Science

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      Computing Research & Education • Add your slogan here

      computing research and education association of australasia - core

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      homepage – research institutes, nuclear energy, science and technology – north west science

      the region is rich in science, technology and talent. its companies, universities, colleges and research institutions are home to people who are using science to create new businesses, develop better

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      NISTADs Home Page

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      rethinking how we tackle society's big research challenges | research institutes

      Research Institutes - A Global Powerhouse

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      Berkeley Lab — Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

      Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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      international summer science school heidelberg: home

      Welcome to the International Summer Science School Heidelberg!

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      gyeongsang national university

      gyeongsang national university

    • 22

      The Center for Research and Avanced Studies of I.P.N. (CINVESTAV) is a public organism dedicated to promote, develop and teach scientific...

    • 23
      school of engineering


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      home | office of research and economic development

      Office of Research  

    • 25
      frontpage - findnano


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      caneinfo..all about sugarcane-home


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      arctic centre - science communications


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      KEET - Center of Applied Research and Technology

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      �Ͼ�с˵�� - ����с˵��������ķ�


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      We are EMGO - EMGO

      Welcome to the EMGO Institute for Health and Care Research. The EMGO Institute for Health and Care Research (EMGO+) is one of the interfaculty research institutes of the VU Medical Center and the VU University of Amsterdam.

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      welcome | geopolymers alliance

      Welcome The Geopolymer Alliance aims to enhance the sustainability of the mining and power industries by promoting the uptake of geopolym...

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      home - graduate school of communication (gsc) - university of amsterdam

      the graduate school of communication (gsc) is the first and only graduate school in communication in the netherlands. the school is a dynamic, multifaceted institution marked by high academic standards, an international atmosphere, and a vibrant academic community.

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      LMU Computer Science

      these are not the droids you're looking for... you will move along in 5 seconds...

    • 34
      the beatson institute - home

      the beatson institute - glasgow centre for cancer research

    • 35
      Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences |

      Faculty with seven school that offer undergraduate and postgraduate coursework and research programs in medicine, dental science, behavioural science (psychology), physiotherapy, postgraduate nursing

    • 36
      weizmann institute of science

      What happens when a person strolling along an intersecting path chooses directions with a roll of the dice?

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      welcome | nui maynooth international office

      Search form Main menu

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      summer program for undergraduate research

      the university of oregon summer program for undergraduate research in life sciences (spur) provides summer research opportunities for undergraduates in life sciences laboratories, including biology, chemistry, physics, computer and information sciences, psychology, neuroscience, molecular biology, biochemistry, and exercise and movement science labs.

    • 39
      japan national research institutes library consortium


    • 40
      Islamic World Science Citation Center(ISC)



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